Asbestos Roof Tile Removal

Facing the fear of living in an asbestos-infused environment can be quite daunting. Well, that's about to change with Ecorex. Our specialised asbestos roof tile removal is carried out with caution while ensuring not only your family's safety but ours too. Our team wears all the necessary protective gear and uses reliable tools or equipment to deliver results that surpass your expectations.

How can roof tiles containing asbestos, be recognised?

There are several factors which help in determining whether your current tiles are Asbestos laced or not. You can easily find Asbestos in the roof, ceiling and flooring tiles, which if tampered with, can lead to fibre release.

It is believed that most tiles available in a range of sizes and colours manufactured before 1999 have a high chance of being Asbestos positive. However, here's how you can know for sure.

  • The age of the tiles will tell the tale of its asbestos presence with ease. If it's an old construction, then the chances of Asbestos in your roof tiles is quite high. Best and safest way to find out is to hire Ecorex to run a test for you.
  • Look for marks or information which translates the tile's composition. You can contact the sellers or manufacturers of the tiles for more details. Best and safest way is to hire Ecorex to run a test and give you a definitive answer.
  • Hire Ecorex to provide you with a definitive answer based on our lab-run accurate test results.

Are asbestos roof tiles dangerous?

Many myths surround the word Asbestos. While some tend to scare a person more than needed, the others prove to be true in some scenarios. Let's take asbestos roof tiles, for instance. Anyone working with asbestos roof tiles might be susceptible to its hazardous impact, but the residents are safe from the harm of it.

However, the real problem arises when homeowners decide to tear down or carry out refurbishment of their current roofing,flooring or ceiling and replace it with something trendy and asbestos-free. The process of repairing or replacing the roof tiles can lead to the settlement of Asbestos in your loft and fibres could find their way around the house leaving your loved ones' lungs at risk with long term exposure leading to lung cancer eventually.

Can I remove asbestos roof tiles myself?

If you are a DIYer at heart, then it's crucial for you to understand that removing asbestos tiles can lead you to serious trouble. When the tiles are broken, they might spread the asbestos fibres in the air in your home, which can lead to severe health problems.

Taking chances with Asbestos can leave you with remorse. For safe, quick and reliable asbestos roof tile removal in London, waste no more time and hire Ecorex to your aid at the earliest. Our desire to achieve complete customer satisfaction will serve you well.